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'It's important to be good with your social experience.

Meeting good people, good experience, good things to learn,

If you get a bad experience, learn from it: learn something out of it,turn it good

thus I always had good experiences

that's what matters

If you meet a f@#ked up boss,

at least you can learn that you shouldn't act that way

That will make that experience mean something to you

So my dear whale,

I guess you won't be getting as much experience of the world as I've been through...

But people are pretty-much the same as long as they are people.

Odd enough, yester day I realized that

the sound of aluminum bowl drop

sounds the same here in Australia

as they do back in Korea

Lol, welrd,huh?

But it's not just with this bowl,

although things might be a little different from each other

people are pretty much the same every where.

'caues we're people.

I will meet and experience more, and I will teach you about it


If you digest 80% of my words,

You will become a worker respected by anyone.'



...what my boy friend who's on working holiday told me 4AM in the morning.

My first BF ever...

I can't believe what a lucky person I am to be with such man.





사회경험을 잘하는게 중요한거야
좋은사람들 만나고 좋은경험하고 좋은배움을 받고
 않좋은 경험을 하더라도 거기서 배우면 그게 좋은 경험이야
 난 언제나 좋은 경험을 했어
그게 가장 중요한거지
 x같은 사장을 만나면 저러면 안되겠다
이런걸 배우면되
그러면 그건 의미있는 경험이 되
그니까 사랑하는고래야
아마 너는 경험을 그렇게까진 하지는 못할꺼야...
하지만 세상의 사람들은 어디나라든 사람이라면 다 비슷해
 나 어제 세삼스래 알루미늄 보울이 떨어지는소리가
한국이랑 똑같네
호주라고 다를게 없구나
이런걸 세삼스레 느꼈어
이상하지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
근데 이건 이 물건뿐아냐
어느정도 차이는 있겠지만
결국 큰 줄기는 다 같아
그러니까 내가 더 많은 경험하고 할테니까 그리고 너한테 알려줄테니까
만약 니가 내말을 80%만 받아들이면
넌 누구에게나 존경받는 사업가가 될꺼야

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Jo Sumin
Artist | Student | Digital Art
South Korea
Have a super day!

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Hey, I loved your pieces in the SVA gallery. I hope to see more of your stuff soon :)
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Ups? :O_o:  One year and no comment? :(

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Do you do commissions?  If so, is there a link where I can investigate?
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Happy B-Day! :squee:  Enjoy it! :woohoo:

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag! :squee:  Genieß ihn! :woohoo:
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Eruhaha that good read you and see your work again! Congratulations and good luck to you wherever you go!
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